About Us

ECORP International is LONDON Luxury Brokerage, connecting international clients to the most exclusive properties in London and across the globe.

To our clients we are trusted consultant, helping everyone to find their home from the first-time buyer to the seasoned seller make informed decisions. We provide the most comprehensive client advisory services, which include strategic collaboration with developers and their architects, the creation of compelling brands and market positioning, advice on the creation of distinctive and unique marketing materials, and intelligent, honest, and experienced brokerage.

By pairing our integrated platform with unsurpassed local expertise we deliver the smartest, most sophisticated luxury real estate experience.

History Transformation of the business

Our culture of collaboration and share ownership have allowed us to scale in a ways that many of our bricks and mortar competitors can only dream off, in addition the team we have assembled, especially during the last few years, has put us in a great position to be able to continue to iterate and Grow, the entire foundation of the company has been set on expertise within its leadership and management team to surprise the clients.

Our vision

ECORP INTERNATIONAL approach to curating new mindset that puts our clients at the center what we do our commitment to an Unwavering focus to the need of our clients. Hand picked Selective Development , Customer focus approach, Value added advisory and support, Geographic dynamic & need, we are here to help you to discover the home that are putting us on the map.

we are Tech driven Real Estate Company. A diverse team with single vision focus on one market at a time.

Meaning behind name and concept

We wanted to create a brand it looks Distinctive, Appropriate, New age, LET US GUIDE YOU HOME. While ECORP International functions like a traditional broker in LONDON. The company promise is using Technology to reduce the time and friction of buying and selling a house plus selling LONDON off plan projects in international market.

Managing partners Leadership & Our Reach

Discussion relating to establishing Tech-Driven real estate brokerage company commenced between PARVAIZ KHAN, QALAB ALI, SAMIR Tufail & Nabeel Mushtaq in 2017, PARVAIZ & QALAB leadership team has been at the forefront of the LONDON Real estate market since 1998 has moved worth millions Pounds of units in London.

The Leadership record of Parvaiz within London real estate market is second to none his way of understanding of the business translate to proven increases in shareholders wealth. The creation of Ecorp real estate brokerage launch with the focus to understand client needs. He believes authentic and credibility can only win through follow-up on their sales and marketing promises.

Executive Team

Pervaiz Khan


Samir Tufail

Head of Sales - International

Nabeel Mushtaq

Assosiate Director - Sales

Qalab Ali

Managing Partner

Asim Hafeez

Technology Head

Faisal Ramzan

Head of IT & Marketing